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Body Care

Indulge your body with our wide range of products.Our body care range will make both you and your skin feel good.

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Health Care

Herbal Health Care Products are benificial for treatment of all kind of Disease.

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Agriculture Care

We're committed to providing Bio-Fungicide & Pesticide, Organic Repellent and Allied Agricultural Products.

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" Green Leaf Soil Fertility Enhancer Pvt Ltd”, are an eminent manufacturer, distributor and supplier of high quality Soil Conditioner, Bio-Fungicide & Pesticide, Organic Repellent and Allied Agricultural Products. Our range encompasses Soil Conditioner, Organic Manure, Plant Growth Promoter, Liquid Plant Growth Promoter and Plant Food. Also, we offer Organic Protectors, Fungicides, Organic Repellents, Bio Pesticides, Multiple Plant Protectors and Organic Agro Products.

Green Leaf Soil Fertility Enhancer Pvt Ltd offers an unique platform, a stable and ever evolving opportunity.Our objective is to evolve successful e-Commerce entrepreneurs.There are alot of people who do use herbal medicine as their primary form of medicine but it can also be very helpful as a supportive and complementary medicine working alongside conventional treatment. Herbs are not only used in the direct treatment of symptoms but also to enhance recovery by, for example, supporting other vital systems like digestion, adrenal and other hormonal functions and by gently calming the nervous system. In addition, herbs can provide alternatives - women who need support at the menopause and do not want to take HRT and patients with long term chronic problems such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma and hay fever may all benefit from herbal medicine. Women’s health issues in general are another area where herbal medicine can prove very useful.

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What is Green Leaf

We have established a state-of-the-art infrastructure at our premises that helps in streamlined execution of the business processes. Sprawling across a vast area, this facility is installed with latest machines and advanced technology that facilitate in producing a bulk amount of products. Owing to the high production capacity of our facility, we have been able to cater to the increasing demands of our clients. Besides, to maintain aconducive working environment, we have segregated our infrastructure into various departments.

Our mission is to deliver institutional-level services to all its customers, both institutional and individual retail investors.low-cost, regulation, safety of customers funds, comprehensive market research tools, advanced programmes and world-class customer service.

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Pure Herbal Medicine

Green Leaf provides you complete and proper herbal solutions to cure your disease. Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine and has been tried, tested and trusted throughout the ages and even today it is still used by many cultures as their only form of medicine.

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Why Choose Green Leaf ?

  • Pure Herbal

    Because plant medicines are natural they are very compatible to our own bodies so are readily absorbed and rarely cause side effects.

  • No Side Effects

    Herbal medicine works well alongside other complementary therapies and many conventional treatments too.

  • Complete Treatment

    Herbal medicine is all about the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

About Company

It is a natural, thoughtful and a holistic form of medicine. It does not just treat the isolated signs and symptoms of disease but treats the WHOLE of you - physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing cannot be fully achieved unless all three are addressed.

Your body has great potential to naturally and safely heal itself - herbal medicine will help to harness this potential in order to bring the body back to an optimum state of balance and harmony.

Go Ahead and indulge in a Highly Flexible and Highly Earnable Business like no other.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company, which help us in connecting with other members and clients. This enable us to enhance our sales and expand the customer-base.

Our Quality

Efficacy 100%

Side Effect 0%

Quality / Purity 90% - 100%

Potency 85%

Bioavailability 60% - 70%